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The Garden Bible

Hopefully, many of you have received your copy of The Garden Bible: Designing your perfect outdoor space (Images Publishing) as a contributor/source and if not it literally is in the mail! Maybe, you even ordered more as gifts for clients and friends, and we hope others listed above who work with either of us regularly also will. If you can promote it on your Social Media sites and other ways we greatly appreciate your help. As many of you know who've written books, it takes years often--this was probably 3 years in the works, authors these days must to much of the pushing and promoting!

We'd like you to know that Michael and I would be delighted to sign books and give a slide show/power point presentation together or alone about designing an outdoor space. We love to do this, we think we're good--helpful and funny--and will share the importance of extending living space outdoors to a yard, front, back or side, talk about trends--water features, fire pits, vegetable gardens and more. If you know of a library or bookstore in your area that might be interested or another venue...perhaps partnering with you and your office for your clients, please let us know. Michael has already done one major talk/slide show at a home show in his California 'hood and sold out of the books. I'm starting today with a signing in my Hudson Valley 'hood on this very very cold minus 9 degree day. Then, it's on to my Westchester, NY, library in April and we hope ones in Chicago, Boston, DC and LA.

Our distributor in New York is easy to work with if you don't have a local bookstore who is stocking the book, and our contact there will sell you books at a steep discount for contributors and those who order a good quantity. The book also is available online at Amazon or at Images Publishing.