Exterior-Real Estate- Patterson

Spall spaces require extensive planning and this one was a fun challenge. The owners wanted to be able to entertain family and friends outside with children and pets. We were able to tuck in a grilling space and rearrange the deck steps to provide additional seating. Read the owner’s own words in this blog post.

Exterior 2-Real Estate- Patterson

We dressed up the gate of the existing fence to create a more inviting entry to the rear garden.

Exterior 3- Real Estate Patterson

Remove a ditch, plant a rain garden!

Exterior 4- Real Estate Patterson

And add some boulders.

Exterior 5- Real Estate Patterson

We were able to repurpose the existing concrete pavers with turf joints in a diamond pattern.

Exterior 6- Real Estate Patterson

With young kids and pets, turf is a fantastic option. When you can add a putting green, everyone is happy!

Exterior 7- Real Estate Patterson

Providing ample seating is a must!

Exterior 8- Real Estate Patterson

Although they are young, the row of hornbeams are a great backdrop to the dining area. The lattice screen helps create an outdoor “living room”.