Site Analysis and Base Plan

Our process starts with an initial site visit to discuss the wish list and set a program. This includes: Collecting base information; topography, plot plan, architectural drawings, property lines, utilities, easements, rules or constraints, photographs and required spots grades. Prepare base plan to include necessary survey, architectural and natural elements. Site investigation, to include hydrology, climate, vegetation, land use and aesthetics inventory.

Schematic Master Plan

We use our clients’ dreams as our inspirational and creative focus. We develop a plan using conceptual sketches and images which portrays both the aesthetic and functional values of each unique site.

The Master Plan includes a probable cost estimate providing general construction fees and possible phase breakdown. With these figures in hand, the client can determine how they choose to execute the project and evaluate options for development.

Design Development

Development of approved Schematic Master Plan or selected portion thereof: Selection of materials, general details for paving, walls, steps, lighting; Presentation of final Master Plan or specific phase for approval prior to preparation of construction drawings.

Construction Documents

Fyffe Landscape Architecture will then produce detailed construction drawings, which include layout dimensions, material details, grading, and planting plans, irrigation and site lighting expertise and site furnishing specifications as required. Armed with the necessary documents, contractors are able to provide bids for the Owners.

Bid Negotiation and Site Observation

FLA can provide competent experienced contractors. During installation, we provide the site supervision and coordination of contractors to assure their efforts fulfill the design intent.